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British Council

Queridos alumnos y alumnas de 4º, aquí teneis el enlace del British Council para poder practicar "Places in town" mediante juegos en casa. ¡Que lo paséis bien practicando!

Nuestros amigos nos felicitan

Nuestros amigos de Hungría nos felicitan la Navidad con este bonito vídeo:

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends of Spain

Felicitamos la Navidad a los amigos húngaros

Dear friends,
We are from the 4ºA and 4ºB classes. We want to tell you some things about Christmas in Spain. 
We celebrate Christmas on December 24th with a big family dinner, then on the 25th you get some presents from Santa Claus. The last night of the year, December 31st, we have a big celebration for the New Year. At midnight we eat 12 grapes. That is a tradition to have food luck for the 12 months of the year.
On January 5th, we have a big parade where all the children go to see the three kings, and in the morning on January 6th, all the Spanish kids get presents. That is the biggest  day for all the children. The three kings are: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar and we send letters to them with our wishes.
We hope you understand a little bit about our Christmas now. 
Merry Christmas to our friends in Hungary. 
Best wishes.
Sandra Núñez

Nos saludamos con Hungría 4º B

Dear Penfriends in Spain,
We are class 4. b. There are 25 children in the class. There are 9 schoolgirls and 13 schoolboys. We go to Képes Géza Primary School. We live in Mátészalka. 
The girls are: Kuszkó Zsófia, Kiss Vanda, Kósa Laura Kitti, Pataki Eszter, Doszpoth Lara, Szabados Blanka, Kelemen Dorina, Jónás Felicia, Kmetz Vivien
The boys are: Kovács Kristóf, Szabó Zsombor, Éles Tibor István, Révész Krisztián, Hiába Dominik, Horváth Richárd, Harcsa Márk Noel, Demeter Csaba Roland, Virág Bertalan, Turi Miklós Nándor, Virág Zoltán, Kálai Dávid, Gergely Miklós Benedek, Varga Marcell, Szabados Vidor, Gaál Imre Máté.
We are 9 and 10 years old. 
Our teachers are Mrs.Sasvári Erika and Mrs Erdei Enikő.
Our English teacher is Mrs Angéla Lavotha Pénzes.
We have Maths, Literature, English, Music, ICT, Art, PE, Folkdance, Swimming, horse riding. 
We like working in groups. We play football, handball. We like running, We have a big playground.
We chat with friends. We paint and draw. We like walking.
We have the best school. The school is beautiful. 
We like it.
We are happy to write you.
Nice to meet you.
We are waiting for your letters.
Best wishes
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Nuestros alumnos y alumnas responden:
Dear penfriends in Hungary,

We are students in the school Miguel de Cervantes, we are 4B class. We are 22 students in class, 14 boys and 8 girls. We are 9 and 10 years old. We live in Lucena del Puerto, Huelva (Spain).

The girls are: María, Bianca, Cristina, Daria, Alejandra, Mariluz, Andrea and Carmen.

The boys are: Carlos, Daniel, Óscar, Erik, Louay, Antonio Javier, Miguel, Mario, José, Diego, Antonio, Sebastián, Rafael and Sergio.

At school we study Maths, English, Music, Spanish Language, Natural and Social Science, French, P.E, art and Religion/values.

Our tutor is Mrs. Pilar Rodríguez and our English teacher is Mrs. Sandra Núñez.

We like play games, gymnastics, play football, play tennis, play with dolls, play basketball and volleyball.

We are very happy to meet you.

Best wishes.

4B class.

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