Nos saludamos con Hungría 4º A

Dear Penfriends in Spain,
We are class 4 a in Hungary. We live in Mátészalka. We go to Képes Géza Primary School. We are 9- 10 years old. 
There are 17 children in our class. There are eleven boys and six girls.
The girls are: Edina, Viktória, Vivien, Klaudia, Dóra, Dóra P,
The boys are Gergő, Martin, Kristóf, Zoltán, Tamás, Tamás R, Bence, Botond, Bence J, Szabolcs, Richárd.
Our teachers are Mrs Varsányi, Mrs Szilágyi, our English teacher is Mrs Lavotha, our ICT teacher is Mr Várudvari.
We have Hungarian, Maths, ICT, PE, RE, Music, Art, English and Dance.
We like playing football, playing computer games, running, playing outside, going on schooltrips, listening to music, eating, drawing.
We are happy to write you.
Best wishes
Nuestros alumnos y alumnas responden:


Dear Penfriends in Hungary,

We are class 4A. We are 23 students, 10 girls and 13 boys. Our school is Miguel de Cervantes in Lucena del Puerto.

The girls are: Lidia, Irene, Djamila, Aroa, Aurora, Daria, Hiba, Sofía, Lucía, Oliva.

The boys are: Pepe, Juan, David, Vicente, Gabriel, Denis, Juanma, Jesús S., Dioni, Adrián, Jesús B., Pedro, Marcos.

We are 9 and 10 years old.

At school we learn: Maths, English, French, Music, Spanish language, Social and Natural sciences, P.E, Art, Values and Religion.

Our English teacher is Mrs. Sandra Núñez.

We like play football, do gymnastics, dance and P.E.

Our school is very big and it has students from 3-14 years old.

We are very happy doing this project.

Nice to meet you.

Best wishes from 4A class.

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